"Spudbug" The way ATV camping should be.

 Patented and patents Pending

If you are tired of sleeping on the ground when camping with your ATV we have the answer for you! It is the Spudbug! Not only will it provide a comfortable night of sleep, it can also provide the comforts of home. The trailer sleeps 2 adults and is rated at 350 lbs. All trailers are equipped with a cooler and water containers. The heater and shower are an option. This trailer is the "Swiss Army Knife" of trailers. It is small enough to maneuver the narrow winding trails and then expands into a comfortable sleeping pod when you get to your destination. The multi-rotational axle suspension (MRAS) on the Spudbug allows the trailer to travel over rough terrain without the constant bouncing over large rocks, and obstructions. The bed on the Spudbug is a special rotomolded plastic that stands up to the elements and has a high impact strength. We have spent hundreds of hours of research into the ultimate ATV camping trailer and we feel that the Spudbug is the answer to camping with your ATV. The heating option is easy to use and just clips into the bottom of the bed. The fan in the bed circulates the air down from the bed across the heat exchanger and up through the other end of the bed. The battery is a sealed battery which provides the airflow for a comfortable nights sleep when you are in cold climates. The shower attachment provides a nice addition after a long dusty ride on the trails. The tent portion of the Spudbug is available in Red and Camo. Mud is not problem with the spudbug the upper tire removes the mud as it rolls down the trail. 
 Don't ride out on your ATV only to turn around and go back to camp. Take your camp with you.
Spudbugs are featured in the January 2006 Dirt Wheels, August 2004 issue of ATV Illustrated,  Bow and Arrow hunting
North American Hunter magazine, Petersen's Hunting magazine and ATV Action

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